Kabbalah: How to use Jewish Mysticism to Reach Your Goals and Dreams

I recently published my book about kabbalah on Kindle.  It’s a totally new approach to using jewish mysticism to set and realize goals.  One of my major achievements is having lyrics that I wrote become the theme song for a major Disney movie called “The Fox and the Hound.”  The theme song co-written with Rick Johnston is “The Best of Friends.”  The fact that an unknown lyricist with no previous credits could get his lyrics featured in a Disney movie is a minor miracle.  I credit that happening because of  what I learned in kabbalah, an important ingredient in my success.  If you’d like to buy the book, it’s a bargain at $5.97.  Here’s the link to kindle:


It’s easy to read and understand.  The toughest thing about it is copying and pasting the above link into your browser.

My theme song for The Best of Friends on youtube

I recently learned that the theme song I wrote with Rick Johnston for Disney’s The Fox and The Hound has been uploaded several times on youtube.com. Here’s a direct link that shows the clip from the movie, sung by Pearl Bailey. I had a great time when I was in the studio with her and Louie Belson. Here’s the link to The Best of Friends.

Great Meeting with Publisher Steve Bloch

I spent an hour with Steve Bloch, Nashville song publisher who gave me great feedback on several of the songs I had written with Baker Knight.  I’m looking forward to having a very good year.

Introducing StanFidel.com

I want to welcome you to stanfidel.com. Stan is a songwriter, author, and sales trainer, among other activities.

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